Services & Rates

*These rates are for one dog per household. Additional dogs increase rate.

A black dog with white chest/paws, one ear stands tall while the other flops down; she is curled up on a tan blanket on a grey couch

Adri, Madame President of The Cute and Complicated Club

Virtual Consultation - $250

The gateway to success for every client is a Virtual Consultation! These tailored assessments last 60-90 minutes and are packed with valuable insights, personalized recommendations and actionable resources. We will delve deep into your dog's history and behaviors to craft a customized training plan specifically tailored to your needs.

a reddish brown dog with white chest and front legs, wearing a black bandana with white sugar skulls; he is looking left with mouth slightly open and ears back, in front of grass and dirt

Cbass, the one who started it all

Follow Up Sessions - $200/hr

Training is a journey, and I'm here for you every step of the way! My primary goal is to empower you to become confident in training your dog on your own, but until then - my commitment to guiding you towards that proficiency is steadfast. Follow up sessions occur on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule to allow you the opportunity to work with your pup and reinforce the skills we've discussed. Transparency is key in our partnership, and I will always provide honest feedback. Together, we'll navigate with patience and dedication to unlock your dog's potential until you feel fully equipped to continue on your own!

A tan and black shepherd-type dog wearing a leash and bandana, prancing on a green lawn

Jefe having fun during a virtual session

*Refresher Sessions - $125/30min

Revitalize your dog's training with a 30-minute refresher session! Refresher sessions are perfect for reinforcing previously taught behaviors/skills, addressing specific behavioral challenges, or fine-tuning training plans in progress. *Virtual only, exclusively for established and approved clients and dogs who have worked with us in the last 12 months.

Training Packages starting at $575!

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Sliding Scale Spots now available! Click to learn more.

Additional Services

Video Behavior Analysis - $85

Is your dog displaying behavior that leaves you puzzled or uncertain? Share a *video with me, and I'll dissect the behavior(s) to offer clarity on what might be happening! Within one week of sending the video, you'll receive a comprehensive written analysis to help you understand your dog's actions better. *Time parameters apply.

((NEW!)) Enrichment Discovery Session - $125/hr

Learn the secret to a happier, healthier, and more fulfilled dog with our Enrichment Discovery Session! Delve into a personalized exploration of your furry friend's preferences, uncovering the activities and stimuli that ignite their joy and vitality. Gain valuable insights into what enrichment is and why it's essential for your pet's well-being. In this tailored session, we'll unravel the unique interests of your pet, guiding you through a journey of discovery to identify a customized mix of enrichment activities that meet their specific needs. 

Pre-Dog Consultation - $100/30min

Contemplating bringing a canine companion into your life? The best time to consult a professional is before making a decision! Our pre-dog counseling service is conducted virtually or via phone to equip you for life with a dog - including but not limited to:

a tan dog with grey markings, sitting on a rug in her purple harness and staring intently at the camera

Penelope the new rescue, looking cute during our session

Dog behavior consulting for businesses available! Contact for rates.

Important Notice: Gonzo Dog does work with aggression and bite histories on a case-by-case basis, to be determined at the end of the consultation. Please note that aggression cases require a package of sessions to be purchased in advance and may include an additional signed waiver. Your understanding and cooperation are appreciated as we prioritize the safety and well-being of all parties involved.