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Congratulations on taking the plunge and seeing what Force-Free, Positive Reinforcement dog training and behavior modification is all about with Gonzo Dog! 

Kellie on the beach, wearing all black and leaning over to pet Smithers, a medium sized white/tan dog wearing a harness and an orange long line

Kellie on the beach, wearing all black and leaning over to pet Smithers, a medium sized white/tan dog wearing a harness and an orange long line

Hi, my name is Kellie! I'm a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (CDBC), and I am so excited to introduce you to the world of science-based and humane behavior modification! Force-Free (FF), Positive Reinforcement (R+) methods offer an incredible opportunity to deepen your bond with your dog and learn how to shape behavior you don't want to see into behavior you do - making life easier for everyone involved. 

I'm here to establish a bridge of understanding between you and your dog, empowering you to work together as a unified team!

Like many of you, I was the lifelong guardian of a highly anxious and reactive dog in a bustling, trigger-filled city. Learning to work with Cbass (2009-2021) using R+, FF training instilled a deep understanding and empathy for both dogs and their guardians. That experience fueled my passion to begin a career as a dog behavior consultant in 2014. I understand what drives dogs. recognize the gaps that lie in our understanding and communication with them as humans, and I know how to teach all of this with a blend of fun, humor, compassion and results!

My specialization lies in adult behavioral issues such as shyness/fear, reactivity, fear-based aggression and biting, stranger danger, general and separation anxiety, resource guarding and more. Having spent the last 13 years as a dog behavior consultant in New York City, I'm well-versed in urban management and leash reactivity. I tackle all of these challenges without the use of aversive methods or tools (e.g. prong or choke collars, e-collars, spray bottles, etc.) as I have learned from personal experience these are temporary “fixes” that can worsen the situation over time. 

Aversive methods suppress behavior - 

we’re going to change it.

You’re about to make a lifetime investment in training your dog and helping them thrive in a human world!

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Gonzo Dog believes in diversity, equity and inclusion, as well as the intersection of human rights with animal welfare. I am committed to creating a safe, inclusive space that celebrates individual uniqueness and welcomes every race, gender, ethnicity, religion, orientation, ability, age (and dog breed!).

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