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a furry white dog with tan mask and pointy ears, lying on a yellow blanket with mouth open and tongue hanging out

Champion, Queen of the Cute and Complicated Club

Champion & Laura K.

"Kellie is the absolute best. I worked with a few other trainers before someone referred me to her and she's by far my favorite!

She not only brings her breadth of training knowledge to the table, but she takes the time to get to know you and your dog. She actually listens when you say something is or isn't working and then comes up with new ideas based on your individual pup instead of just giving general advice.

She's helped me work with my pup on resource guarding, fear aggression, leash reactivity, and more. I've made more progress with my dog in the year+ working with Kellie than I did in the first two years I had her."

a tan and brindle cattle dog with tall, pointy ears; her left eye and right front leg are both surgically removed; she is wearing a pink bandana around her neck and her tongue is lolling out the side of her mouth

Jinx, the inspiration for The Jinx 30-min packages!

Jinx & Stephanie C.

"Kellie completely changed my relationship with my pup, Jinx. I thought I knew what I was getting into in adopting a high-energy bred, but NOPE! My little rescue quickly established herself as a complicated cutie with BIG feelings. Kellie taught us practical basics like loose-leashing walking and management, but more than that: she taught us how to communicate with each other, trust each other, and somehow even taught me - a first-time dog guardian - how to teach a purebred cattle dog to RELAX - how impressive is that?!  She’s the most accessible, inclusive, and responsible trainer we’ve worked with; this woman cares for her clients, and she cares hard."

a small, furry black and white puppy sitting next to a potted plant

Phoebe! Such a quintessential fun puppy: I call all puppies "Phoebe" by accident now 

Phoebe, Amanda & Alan R.

"If you want to better your dog’s quality of life as well as your own, strengthen your bond with your dog, and have fun… reach out to Kellie! We have worked with Kellie off and on for the past two years and can’t say enough positive things about our experience. Kellie brought so much knowledge and compassion to each and every one of our concerns about our young and exuberant Havanese. She has taught us not only how to understand our dog, but how to apply her teachings in real life situations to continue the training journey on our own. Kellie is extremely professional, accessible and organized and sends thoughtful outlines before/after each training session so that we are all on the same page and confident in advancing our goals. She is well versed in behavioral issues and she also has the best ideas for enrichment activities so that while we’re working on challenging things, we also have the opportunity to learn how to make our dog happy and fulfilled. Kellie truly cares about the humans and dogs she works with and I can’t imagine where we’d be without her!"

a small tan and grey dog curled up in a tan and grey dog bed, looking at the camera

"No Brenda, not all dogs will do anything for a piece of kibble" ~Rex, probably

Rex & Vicki G.

"This won’t be another cookie-cutter approach to addressing your dog’s issues—this a bespoke partnership that will set you up for successful outcomes with your dog for life. With Kellie you get so much more than a dog trainer. Her approach is compassionately tailored to meet individual circumstances and needs (your dog’s and yours).

Further, she has first-hand experience helping struggling dogs living in the city. That means she’s especially good at applying the basic principles of management and behavior modification in environments that you can’t control. The fact that my noise-sensitive dog is progressing (and happy) while living in trigger-laden NYC is a testament to her creativity and prowess.

I can confidently say that the foundation I’ve built working with Kellie is evergreen—the principles I’ve learned will apply to every goal on our list and will help us weather any unforeseen curve balls in our future (and there will be curve balls I’m sure)... I will take refreshers with her of course, but she’s essentially transformed this neophyte into a dog-savvy individual who finally believes she can give her dog the best life possible." 

a tan dog with tall ears, lying on a lighter tan sofa with her paws hanging over the edge, staring at the camera with head tilted

Diana, a complicated cutie who has come a long way!

Diana & Lizzie D.

"Kellie is an expert trainer and educator and I can't imagine how my life with my dog would look if I hadn't gotten her help when I did. One of the first things Kellie taught me was that engaging in dog training would be an investment in mine and my dog's future - and she was so right! Because of my investment in Kellie's services, my relationship with my dog grew much stronger, and the stress associated with caring for a rescue dog with behavioral challenges dropped dramatically. Kellie taught me much more than specific commands: she taught me how dogs learn, play, communicate, and experience the world - and how I fit into that. Years later, I use the lessons Kellie taught me on a daily basis - her work is that foundational."

a small tan and brown dog with pointy ears, wearing a blue sweater and red harness, staring at the camera

Arnie, small but spicy!

Arnie & Emily O.

"Highly recommend working with Kellie/Gonzo Dog Training! She helped me immensely in working with my "cute and complicated" dog Arnie, a chihuahua rescue with a tendency to plant stubbornly on walks and exhibit aggression toward other humans/dogs. Turns out human instincts for how to solve these types of issues (talking/reasoning/yelling/pulling) are not terribly helpful when dealing with dogs! Kellie taught me effective strategies, which I have continued to practice and rely on since." 

a brown dog with white markings and chest, wearing a red collar and staring with wrinkled brow at the camera

Don't be fooled by this face - Norm was full of energy!

Norm, Kelsey A. & Brett

"Kellie is a total rock star, and makes the training process fun! I love how closely she listens to clients and tailors her training to each dog's behavior. She even provided a resources and product recommendations for us based on our training session, which took a lot of time/energy and super helpful. The switch to remote/Zoom training was a breeze, and we're so grateful we found her!" 

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