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Gonzo Dog is currently offering virtual training only at this time.

Virtual Training

$180/hr for FaceTime or Zoom Consultation
includes recap + resources + product recommendations

$150/hr for follow up sessions
discount offered for packages of 3+ sessions

Thanks to modern technology, I can bring my brand of training to dogs everywhere!

Using *FaceTime or Google Meet, we can work on a number of issues, such as

  • stranger danger/entrances

  • separation anxiety (virtual is recommended for this!)

  • leash reactivity

  • resource guarding

  • biting and aggressive behavior

  • noise phobia (thunderstorm, fireworks and more!)

  • general anxiety

  • crate training

  • keeping a hyperactive dog stimulated to wear them out

  • excessive barking

  • adult housebreaking

  • games to play and learn

  • dogucation (body language, socialization, learning theory, etc)

  • preparing to bring a new dog or puppy home

  • breed counseling (choose the right dog for you!)

  • rescue transition

  • and much, much more

*other apps for virtual training considered

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