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"We were honestly amazed at how much we learned in that one session. We are very excited to schedule some more!"                                       ~ Alexis N.

"I felt so armed with tools, I was actually looking forward to the whining again!"                   ~ Leslie H.

"Kellie is wonderful! She definitely knows what she's talking about when it comes to training, and she relays the information in a way you can understand. She's super patient, even with crazy, anxiety-ridden dogs like ours."                                 ~ Sarah S.

"Kellie is amazing! Our puppy was a little over 1 when we started working with Kellie so we were worried some of her habits were irreversible. After just one training session, we had already started seeing results!       ~ Casey D.

Kellie is a total rockstar, and makes the training process fun! I love how closely she listens to clients and tailors her training to each dog's behavior. The switch to virtual training was a breeze, and we're so grateful we found her!                                      ~ Kelsey A.

"Because we are firm believers that you should never stop learning, our company contracted with Kellie to help us design and implement an official behavioral assessment for our daycare. Her vision lined up with our end goal, and I'd go as far as to say she exceeded our expectations! Now our staff has a standard in place that further enhances our value to clients, and we are a better business for it."                 ~ Walter's Pet Styles and Daycare

"I really enjoyed our session... It was much more like fun than work."               ~ Danni P.

"Ira went from the naughtiest pup I've ever known to the most angelic, playful pup with such strong impulse control. I thought it was going to take so much longer to get where we are now but training became so fun for us and for Ira that time flew by!"                  ~ Georgia H.

"I've read about dog training before but it is just so much easier to really understand the method and purpose when working with a professional!"                    ~ Kaitlyn P.

"Kellie was clear in her observations and instructions while leaving room for Lucy and I to get to know each other and learn our own 'language.'"  ~ Alex Z.

"From the moment we met her, it was clear that she is passionate about working with dogs and helping them live their best lives."            ~ Steph Y.

"If you are willing to put in the work with your pup, I promise there's nowhere you cannot go with Kellie as a trusted advisor."                 ~ Dan L.

"We quickly found out that Kellie has a connection with all sorts of pets. The cats really liked her, and we could tell she truly enjoyed spending time with them as well. Our friends told us she was hands down the best pet sitter they've hired in all their years in NYC!"                                             ~ Ian P.

"[Kellie] actually listens when you say something is or isn't working and then comes up with new ideas based on your individual pup instead of just giving general advice. I've made more progress in the time working with Kellie than I did in the first two years I had her." ~ Laura K.

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